Barra da Tijuca


    The wonders of nature are all around the Barra da Tijuca neighborhood, where are situated hotels Americas and Americas Seagull Bar.

    The neighborhood, which is just another city in the Rio de Janeiro, continues to grow.With entertainment for all tastes, the bar is full of malls, condominiums and shopping centers, which offer endless shopping and dining options.

    The natural beauty of the neighborhood are a special case.Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and lakes, the bar has a beautiful beach, which attracts surfing enthusiasts, kitesurfing and other water sports. 

    One of the points that you can not miss is the Pepê Beach, which brings together people from across the city and has volleyball courts, foot volleyball and racquetball scattered around the edge. When visiting the neighborhood, be sure to practice a lesson Stand Up Paddle, the number one choice of tourists and locals.

    Fall in love with the nature of the Barra da Tijuca and enjoy the exuberance of this region by staying with a lot of convenience in one of the hotels in the Americas Network.